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Past Production: Wood Boy Dog Fish

06 Nov

Wood Boy Dog Fish
November 6 thru December 12, 2015
Presented by Rogue Artists Ensemble & Bootleg Theater
Directed by Sean T. Cawelti
Written by Chelsea Sutton with Rogue Artists Ensemble

Wood Boy Dog Fish is a modern macabre retelling of Carlo Collodi’s “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” In this world-premiere play for mature audiences, the cricket is killed, Blue haunts us all, and the legendary Dogfish monster preys on our greatest fears in the tumbledown tourist trap amusement park of Shoreside, where a little wooden puppet comes to life at the hands of the wood-maker Geppetto.

Wood Boy Dog Fish Logo


Some Kind of Dare - Button Willow Locomotive

06 Jun

Button Willow Locomotive came into the Meyer Sound Design Studio in June 2012 to record a demo of a new song of theirs. I was producer and recording engineer.

Alex Heflin: mandolin, backup vocals
Amanda Carson: lead vocals, guitar
Albert Law: drums
Kyle Gustafson: bass


​We recorded the song in one Saturday afternoon, and had a lot of fun during the session.  We tracked bass, mandolin, and drums together, then added in guitar and vocals. I then mixed the song on the studio’s ProTools 9 D-Command rig.  The lead vocal effect is done with the Waves HMX Harmonics Generator… a goto plugin for me when I want a rich lush sound.  Have a Listen!


BWL Drumset
BWL Drumset
Guitar Recording Setup - KM184
Mandolin Recording Setup - KM184
Vocal Setup - U89
Vocal Setup - U89